HEALTH is not merely the absence of dis-ease or pain but the positive state of balance that exists between the body and the mind of the individual. When healthy, a person will  able to respond to traumatic events be they physical such as accidents, falls and infections or emotional. After  any incident such as these the healthy body will be able to return to optimum functioning. Unfortunately, most people are not healthy and need support and help when faced with the traumas that affect us in everyday living.

OSTEOPATHYas we know it today was started by Dr. Andrews Taylor Still in 1874.   He formulated the system of scientifically based manipulative procedures that is now well established as the most effective method of treating musculo-skeletal injuries.

Whilst osteopathy is renowned for treating low back conditions, a vast range of other problems may respond well  to the holistic approach used by the osteopath.   The physiological reason for this is that if the structure of the body has its functioning improved, then the total functioning of the individual will also improve.   Every part of the body is supplied with nerves, these emanate from the spine and, therefore, if there is any detrimental change in the way in which a spinal segment is functioning, then there must be a change in the way in which the organ or part supplied from that segment will function.

Treatment falls into several distinct parts.   First there is the taking of case history to establish how, when and where that pain is and when it started.   Next is the examination which comprises various tests of the spine, nervous system, muscles and joints.   Finally in order to treat the condition, osteopathic soft tissue procedure and if necessary specific joint manipulation will be used.   This is not painful but may be a little uncomfortable. Osteopathy uses manipulative procedures including Osteopathic Articulation, which ensures that the joints are moving correctly and Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation, which restores reduced spinal mobility.

NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE is a separate and distinct form of medicine, having its own philosophy and methods of treatment. It is based on the unalterable principle that ONLY NATURE HEALS and it is within the individual ability to restore health.

The principles of Naturopathy are:-

  1. Given the appropriate opportunity, nature will heal.
  2. Correct food is the only medicine that the body requires.
  3. Dis-ease is an attempt to heal by elimination.
  4. All disease has the same common causation.

In practice Naturopathy recognises that the stress of twentieth century living degrades the life force and various factors affect the body’s ability to restore maximum health.   These include chemical imbalance, structural or mechanical distortions and psychological stress.   In order to treat the patient successfully, the Naturopath will always treat the patient as a whole and never attempt to merely alleviate the symptoms.